EST_ART Space has a new venue: The BLACK ROOM.

EST_ART Space unveils a new underground space.

An underground and alternative venue dedicated to any dark, provocative, subversive, minority, and politically incorrect artistic expression, located on the intermediate floor of the Alcobendas art space.

The Black Room is born with the goal of providing a space for the marginal, giving darkness the place it deserves. The Black Room is entirely painted black, creating an immersive space where the temporal boundary blurs, and the experiences and activities that take place there are enjoyed in a different way, fully immersed in a sort of black hole.

Dark, macabre, sinister, and bizarre art—not suitable for all audiences—live music, noise and ruidismo sessions, DJs, audiovisuals, performances, body suspension gatherings, shibari, and much more will find a place in this project, as long as they align with the conceptual codes of the venue.

The inauguration of the room will take place on Saturday, February 24, with an event in collaboration with Artistic Metropol:
MOTHER”, a performance by Mikel Balerdi, an artist and extreme film director, marking his return to the action art scene.